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  • tesla

    Corrections vs Bear Trends in Emerging Sectors

    It was a rollercoaster week for all of the emerging sectors symbols that we track. For most of these symbols, this is the continuation of a bear trend stretching back to the early summer.

  • Chimpcast: Weekly stock market report from 2Chimps

    Chimpcast: It’s a Trader’s Market!

    With S&P futures down significantly, it appears that this week will be another wild one. Given the right perspective on the market, traders can take advantage of some great opportunities in the market.

  • xhb weekly 8-30-15

    How Will Rising Interest Rates Affect Real Estate?

    Given the current volatile climate in all stocks, we believe that investors looking to participate alongside of the continuing real estate recovery should consider buying reactions to the moving average channel monthly c

  • gdxj no changes 8-30-15

    Metals Will Respond to Inflationary Pressure

    We would like to go on record with our view that over the next several years inflationary pressures will make tangible assets such as metals, collectibles, diamonds, and numismatics excellent investments.

  • Chimpcast: Weekly stock market report from 2Chimps

    Chimpcast: Reaching Monthly & Quarterly Support

    We present to you live this Monday morning at the start of trading, commenting on the crashing market indexes.

  • stratasys cyclical 8-23-15

    The 2-Year Cycle in Stratasys

    We are keeping a close watch on Stratasys over the next six months. The stock is nearing the final 6 months of a 2-year cyclical pattern that it has maintained for more than a decade and a half.

  • urth mac 8-23-15

    Trying to Catch the Falling Knife?

    Time market entry via objective technical trading methods only. One area that may buck the trend in September is precious metals.

2Chimps Trading School: Objective Investing and Trading with Moving Average Channels

Register now for our next 2Chimps Trading School session. Why do most traders lose money using moving average methods? It’s simple: they’re doing it wrong! Extensive back testing shows that the vast majority of moving average methods are far too slow, and require massive stop losses to stand any chance of making money. More details...


  • Schwager on Futures: Technical Analysis

    Reviews: Schwager on Futures

    We Chimps didn’t devise our trading strategies in a vacuum. Long before Genesis Trade Navigator, long before instantaneous computerized backtesting, there was Jack Schwager.

  • three skills: hank pruden

    Reviews: The Three Skills of Top Trading

    The psychology of trading has been a perennial subject in books, seminars, and webinars for many years. I know this for a fact inasmuch as I have presented many of these.

  • schwager market wizards

    Reviews: Jack Schwager, Market Wizards

    Market Wizards, Updated: Interviews With Top Traders
    One of the most important things you learn as a trader is that we can give the best system in the world to a mediocre or losing trader, and the results will be pitiful

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