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    Chimpcast 4/27/15: The Uptrend Continues

    For the week beginning 27 April 2015 As you know, we Chimps like to keep things simple. And simply stated, we have been bullish on the stock market for at least the last four years....

  • russia
    Russia ETF Breakout: Your Choices

    Two months ago, we told 2Chimps readers to keep their eye on Russia ETFs. News and popular sentiment are often strong contrary indicators, and negativity on Russia remains widespread....

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Technical Analysis

  • Airport display initial public offering
    IPO Temptation: A Chimp’s Perspective

    With Etsy, Vertu, and Party City all in just one day, it’s a little bit like the tech booms of the past. IPOs have once again become a major focus of the market....

  • coffee-futures-cot
    The Commitment of Traders Report (CoT)

    The Commitment of Traders Report (CoT) is a weekly report issued by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC)....

  • china etf strategy
    A New Approach to China ETFs

    China strategies can get complicated. You could spend weeks balancing the perfect portfolio of Chinese ADRs, China ETFs, and international firms with big China markets....

Emerging Sectors

  • 3D drone delivering a package
    A Swarm of Drone Investments

    If you’re not a mindless drone, you can tell just how smart unmanned aerial vehicles are getting. Meanwhile, you have to be pretty sharp to figure out how to invest in the coming swarm....

  • Fotolia_79328363_XS
    How Close is the Fuel Cell Dream?

    There’s good news and there’s bad news about fuel cell technology. The good news is that it’s cheaper and more widely used than ever before....

  • Map
    Can Maps & Miners Dominate 3D Tech?

    Everyone knows about Google’s Augmented Reality project, Google Glass. Most don’t realize Google already has the largest Virtual Reality world in existence....

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